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Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas

maid of honor speech ideasIf you’ve ever attended a wedding, if only as a guest, you probably understood there is etiquette involved.  Things proceed in a certain order, with specific people performing important tasks, which ultimately honor the bride and groom and keep the celebrations flowing in a specific and orderly way.  This is their special day; a day everyone hopes they will remember for the rest of their lives, whether it’s a simple ceremony or a more elaborate affair.

As maid of honor, you have a number of important duties. And one of those duties is to give a speech at the reception. If you’re accustomed to public speaking, creative maid of honor speech ideas may come to you easily, but if this is the first time you’re going to stand in front of a very attentive crowd possibly with a microphone in your hand for the first time, you may need some advice.

Often, as maid of honor, you will be related to the bride – a sister or cousin – or be very close friends, so you know a lot about the bride already.  Depending on the bride’s personality therefore, you should be able to come up with some unique ideas.

It’s up to the bride and groom when they want to have the speeches.  They may be between courses or immeditely after champagne is served.  In traditional wedding etiquette, the Best Man is toastmaster and will speak first, but you may agree to speak before him, as maid of honor.

The best, unique speeches come from preparation, and as we mentioned before, the bride’s personality should have a lot to do with what you say.  When the date is announced, start thinking about your speech, and take notes.  With today’s smart phones, you can record any inspirational thoughts you have at any time, before you forget them, and then start adding them to your draft speech.

The ultimate speech can be amusing in parts but should be heartfelt.  If the bride is your best friend, you could start with recollections about how you met or, if the bride is a relative, you can talk about growing up together.  Either way, you should concentrate on why you love her, the things you respect about her, how she’s helped you in your life, or has inspired others, and what you have learned from her.  Just don’t end on a sad note that has everyone weeping into his or her champagne glass!  End on a light-hearted note by telling everyone why you think she and her new husband will be perfect for each other.

A good maid of honor speech should not embarrass the bride or groom, or anyone else at the table for that matter.  It’s not a time to rake up something hideous from the past, or even a score.   Ideally, it should last for three minutes or less and should have a definite beginning, middle and end. It doesn’t matter where you start when you’re drafting your speech.  It’s about two lives coming together and when you lift your glass, everyone should be smiling, agreeing with your final lines about the couple’s future happiness together.

After you’ve written a good draft of your ideas, show it to others who are close to the bride and ask for their ideas and advice, that way you should be able to write a unique speech that you’ll be proud of. Practice your final draft often and if you can memorize your speech that’s great, but if you need to have it in front of you that’s acceptable too, just make sure you read your heartfelt speech with feeling and love. As maid of honor, that part should come naturally.

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